"Colorful Elegance" Greeting Cards, Note Cards and Prints, by Judith Yantis
I am a physician (psychiatrist) by profession. My hobbies were musical. I only discovered art (of the two-dimensional variety) late in life, when several years ago I began making flowers out of the brightly colored "Post-it Notes" in use at the office. Things just sort of "blossomed" from there!

For 3 years I had the good fortune to take weekly drawing workshops at the short-lived but wonderful Schuylkill Academy of Fine Art. There, with the guidance of my teacher, Stuart Feldman, I learned the fundamentals of representational art. Drawing still feels like a magical experience.

Today my greeting card designs are mixed-media in nature, with drawing in charcoal and pastels the main techniques, some use of cut-paper, and varying degrees of computer manipulation. The humble “sticky note” origins of my art have given way to more sophisticated but equally bright creations--hence the name "Colorful Elegance." The giclee prints (not yet posted) are fine copies of my charcoal drawings.

For two years I was honored to be a card artist for Constance Kay, Inc., the world's foremost purveyor of handmade art cards.

Creating art has proved to be a uniquely intense and satisfying experience, and has become, for me, a “joyful obsession.”